10 Best Selling Woodworking Projects

To all The Crafty woodworkers out there. Are you looking for some projects that you can be proud of but also sell and make a little money out of your own little shop? Manual Woodworkers have considered this but they’re either not sure what will sell or how much profit they can make off of it. The thing is if you’re passionate about woodworking or wanting to do this as a career, or even on the side to bring in a little extra money, you can pay the bills with it.

I spent some time researching online just to see what I could find. In my quest for information, I came across a few things that seem to sell rather well. These are:

  • Storage Beds
  • Wooden Shoe Racks
  • Kitchen Serving Trays
  • Ottoman Trays
  • Bath Trays
  • Cutting Boards
  • Wood Birdhouses
  • Coffee Table
  • Handmade Cigarbox
  • Game board

Having said that, I created this list to give you some ideas about what you might want to do in your upcoming Ventures. I’ve compiled a list of 10 items that consumers tend to like. So, let’s dive right in and see if you can find some inspiration for your next project or at least a better idea of where to start.

Having said that(again), anytime you go into a project like this you want to do a little research and see what sells well in your area. You have to give your consumer what they’re looking for or they won’t return to buy again. And, let’s face it, it’s all about making the customer happy. I always say if you got a happy customer you got a happy woodworker.

Storage Beds

(Out of 5: 1 = bad/hard 5 =good/easy )
Build Difficulty1This will take some time and skill to perfect. Especially if you add more complicated features to attract customers.
Cost to Make2There will be a fair amount of material needed
Customer Outlook4This is a good use of space and people like to add this to their home. Make a good version and you will have customers.
Sell Value5Even if you make this bare bones you should be able to make well over $500. With some prep work I think there is plenty of profit here/
Overall12/20A good project that will test your skills and ingenuity.


In all honesty, the storage bed has not always been in favor. However, they do seem to be making a comeback. There are many different designs out there for this type of project depending upon what aesthetic you are looking for. Many of them can be modified to the exact size or even look that you’re wanting to achieve. Once you built the storage portion you can always pair it with whichever headboard and footboard you like to make it a functional and stylish piece. Done correctly this can be an attractive addition to any bedroom set.

Consumers tend to really like this sort of bed because it combines functionality and a sense of style. So, if you become proficient in the design and build of this particular project you should always be able to make money and have some fun doing it. depending on the quality of the bed this project can sell for $500 and up.

Wooden Shoe Racks

(Out of 5: 1 = bad/hard 5 =good/easy )
Build Difficulty5Super easy. Even the more complex designs shouldn't take you too long to master.
Cost to Make5These can be made from the gambit of materials. You may have to play around to see what people are looking for. Even with nicer material these shouldn'r break the bank.
Customer Outlook5I have 2 in my apartment. And I'm a guy. There should be plenty of customers.
Sell Value3At around $30-$100 this won't be your highest value project but it should have a much higher buy rate.
Overall18/20Good project, even for beginners.


I don’t know a person out there that doesn’t have shoes. Many of them even have multiple pairs for different occasions. A wooden shoe rack can be a wonderful addition to any closet. Being able to customize them to whatever size and style that the customers are looking for is a big draw for this type of project. While this does tend to be an easier project they are fairly heavy in demand. You can modify this project to whatever size the customer is looking for. Or, if you’re just planning on using a generic template, make some adjustments to be sure that you modify it a bit so the majority of the shoes will fit. Either way, these units tend to sell well with prices starting at about $30 dollars and up online. So you might want to keep this project in mind.

Kitchen Serving Trays

(Out of 5: 1 = bad/hard 5 =good/easy )
Build Difficulty4There may be a few skills you need to perfect for this one but it should also be pretty simple. Router skills will be a must.
Cost to Make4These will probably need to be made from fancier wood. Which will cost more
Customer Outlook3Not everyone will be looking for these but you should be able to sell consistently
Sell Value3$40-$120 depending on the wood. Rare and beautiful woods will be much more valuable.
Overall14/20These should be fast. With a fiar sell value and easy customization(personalized) they should sell quickly.

If you’re looking for an easier project the kitchen serving tray fits the bill. Coming in many different designs this stylish tray is a big hit with most customers. You should be able to find multiple different designs to use online that would please even the most finicky consumer. Anyone that likes to eat in the comfort of there living room would want one of these Trays. They are designed to have a Dugout look for holding glasses plates and silverware without having to worry about anything being unstable and spilling onto the furniture.

Once you have become proficient at making this item you should be able to make it in just under 2 hours and they’ve been selling online for about $40 so that’s not a bad profit. You can even use re-purposed pallet wood they will give the tray a nice rustic look. But whatever you do make sure that you use non-toxic wood.

Ottoman Trays

(Out of 5: 1 = bad/hard 5 =good/easy )
Build Difficulty3With the size and customization options this may be a tad more difficult to build. I would suggest offering a few basic models and then building up as you figure out what people are looking for.
Cost to Make3Again between the customization and the quality of wood, your costs will probably be higher on this
Customer Outlook3Not everyone will be looking for these but you should be able to sell consistently as long as you offer interesting quality products.
Sell Value4These will likely sell for $200+ As you optimize profits should increase at a good rate.
Overall13/20A little more varied in possibilities, which hurts this option. Still a good project with some research.


While these are in the same category as the kitchen serving trays they tend to be substantially bigger. Design to turn an ottoman into a coffee table without having to buy an extra piece of furniture. These trays can range anywhere from rustic to contemporary in design and can be modified for whatever size the customer needs. They tend to sell for upwards of $190 online. they can easily go higher depending upon the design and customization of the peace. There are multiple designs out there for different trays.

One of the downsides to this pieces is that most homes only need one. But, once you get proficient in making this item throwing one together every once in awhile should not be that big of a deal. Customers do like them, and you can use an array of methods when building them. Even re-purposed wood depending on what the customers looking for. Just make sure that the wood you reclaim it’s non-toxic.

Bath Trays

(Out of 5: 1 = bad/hard 5 =good/easy )
Build Difficulty3Like the Ottoman tray, this mostly suffers from the customization options. These can be become difficult quickly depend on what bells and whistles the customer is looking for.
Cost to Make3Since this will likely not be the simplest project, costs won't be rock bottom either.
Customer Outlook3Not everyone will be looking for these but you should be able to sell consistently as long as you offer interesting quality products.
Sell Value4These will likely sell for $150+ As you optimize profits should increase at a good rate.
Overall13/20A good project to practice your skills with. When utilizing rare wood your costs will be high but it should bring in customers.


After a long hard day, a lot of people like to come home and relax in the bath. That’s why a bath tray is a highly sought-after item. Even though they’re relaxing they may be still trying to do some work. It is easy to find a design that allows you to make and customize these trays and come in a number of different options. Anywhere from slots for your smartphone or tablet to candle holders. Some may even have drawers or hinged compartments. Whatever you decide to do with this project once you become proficient, they can sell for anywhere up to $150 depending upon the level of craftsmanship and the modifications you make to the item. You can even make a bathtub tray out of reclaimed wood. Just make sure that whichever wood you choose fit’s the aesthetic you’re looking for and that is safe for the consumer.

Cutting Boards

AreaScore (Out of 5: 1 = bad/hard 5 =good/easy )
Build Difficulty5No one is looking for a cutting board with complicated features. Mostly you will be working on joining/finishing wood in an attractive manner.
Cost to Make5Again, because this will be in direct contact with raw food you should conform to standard wood species. This actually makes it simpler since you can only have so many options.
Customer Outlook4Everyone needs a cutting board. You should have no trouble finding customers.
Sell Value2This will likely be where you get dinged. People arn't usually willing to drop $100-$150 on a cutting board. To stay competitive you will likely need to keep costs down.
Overall16/20A good option. Make up a bunch and then offer personalized options. You can go back and add these finishing touches and send the item off.

Anyone who’s ever worked around a kitchen or even if you simply cook at home knows that a good wooden cutting board is a sought-after item. With many designs out there these units can include fluid channels, handles, and other options depending upon how in-depth you’re looking to go with the design. While they are relatively simple to make you will want to make sure that the corners and edges are smooth and rounded off so that the consumer does not hurt themselves.

Depending upon the design, this unit can be pieced together from scrap wood or reclaimed wood. The wood must be non-toxic. Most homes have at least one cutting board so this is a good item to become proficient in. The item can sell online for anywhere from $15 and up depending upon the design and the size of the piece. This is definitely a project to keep on your mind.

Wooden Birdhouses

AreaScore (Out of 5: 1 = bad/hard 5 =good/easy )
Build Difficulty3This won't be as simple as the butting board. There will be some joinery needed and to bring in the customers, you may need to add some special joints.
Cost to Make4Since this will likely be outside, there are established materials you will likely use. This will limit options and you should be able to make these ahead of time.
Customer Outlook4These are a collector item and people do actively look for interesting versions.
Sell Value3These don't usually sell for large amounts unless it is a bigger more complex house.
Overall14/20A good project to practice your skill with good sell potential.

If you’re looking or something that is very popular the wooden birdhouse fits that bill. With many different designs out there, this project can be as large as you would like to build it and as unique as your imagination will permit. Once you become proficient in building this item wooden birdhouses are highly sought-after items especially the ones that are handmade. Even the small birdhouses can sell for $20 to $30 online. The more elaborate The Birdhouse the higher the cost. So if you become proficient in the design and build of this particular item you should never have a problem selling your product. The birdhouses can even be made out of reclaimed wood or scrap wood depending on the design they can be whimsical or even resemble an actual home. Whatever your design The Birdhouse can fill a niche in the industry and is easy to sell.

Coffee Table

AreaScore (Out of 5: 1 = bad/hard 5 =good/easy )
Build Difficulty3This is a project that can get as complicated as you want it to be. As I stated before, start on the simpler side and take a few special orders. That should get you an idea of what people are looking for.
Cost to Make3Depending on material and features, this may be a more expensive project. You should be able to make one or two or each of your options with certainty of it selling.
Customer Outlook4This is definitly an item that many people have. I can't think of a house I've visited that hasn't had one. People will be searching for one.
Sell Value4On the low end, you should be able to get at least $50. But for your nicer creations, I would expect you to be able to bring in $150+
Overall14/20A good project to grow your skills. This will show your capabilities to potential customers.

By Image: http://collections.lacma.org/sites/default/files/remote_images/piction/ma-31195356-O3.jpgGallery: http://collections.lacma.org/node/177528, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=27253952

Just about every home has one and most people like to pick their own style to match the furniture they have. The coffee table has been a staple in living rooms and Den’s for hundreds of years now. There are several different designs online to choose from. Even the most Discerning customer will like a good handcrafted coffee table. They can be modified in length and height to fit any environment.

While most homes only have one or two of these, if you become proficient in this design you might even consider adding matching end tables to the mix.  The coffee table tends to sell online for anywhere from $50 on up. If you make a matching set it would go up per piece. So look in your area and see what designs people tend to like . Handmade coffee tables can be quite a seller depending on the quality of the unit.

Handmade Cigar Box

AreaScore (Out of 5: 1 = bad/hard 5 =good/easy )
Build Difficulty4Pretty simple. Just need to make sure you are producing quality products. The joinery will likely be one of your major selling points.
Cost to Make4Even with rarer woods, these will be smaller products. They shouldn't break the bank.
Customer Outlook3Try and brand them as either cigar boxes or knickknack storage. That will open up your customer base.
Sell Value3These will be one of your cheaper products. I expect them to mostly sell under $50.
Overall14/20Another good project that will flesh out your store. Do some research on what how wood affects cigars and then add that info to your listing.

this may not be the biggest seller of the bunch because demand is going down however, you don’t have to use these boxes for just cigars. They can be used to hold any number of little items. And, the Avid cigar smoker will want a nice dry environment to keep their cigars safe. The cigar box while simple tends to make a nice addition to any collection, even if it’s just used for storing jewelry. There are many different designs online that can be utilized to modify the aesthetic of the boxes. While they may be considered a little old-fashioned they are definitely up there on the list of items that will sell. Once you become proficient at making cigar box they can sell online for anywhere from $30 on up. So, this is definitely not a project to forget about.

Game Board

AreaScore (Out of 5: 1 = bad/hard 5 =good/easy )
Build Difficulty2Even for a chess set, this won't be one of your simpler projects. To really draw the eye you will likely need to engrave/inlay. This is detail work and will take time and skill.
Cost to Make3Between time and the more beautiful woods for detail work, each board will be an investment. Try to do research before hand on what is selling.
Customer Outlook3Not everyone will be looking for these. But because of the skill involved in making them you will likely have much less competition.
Sell Value4I would expect even the most basic version to start at $50. A full fledged monopoly board will likely be 4 or 5 times that.
Overall15/20This project is a much larger upfront investment then the other projects. However, it looks like you will be in a league of your own and will be able to find customers.

Most families are getting away from a game night. There are quite a few of us out there that still enjoy sitting down with the kids and playing a good board game. Handmade game boards bring something a little extra to the experience. Whether it be Chinese checkers, checkers, chess, or even Monopoly. A handmade game board is a beautiful addition to any game night. There are many different designs out there that you can use and modify them for whatever size the customer is looking for. You can even make them out of reclaimed wood as long as you make sure that it’s not toxic. Once you become proficient in making board game boards they can sell online for $50 and up. If you don’t want to just stop with the board you always have the option of handcrafting the pieces as well.


I looked at many different projects online to find the ones that tend to sell the best. If you’re not interested in any of these projects do a search. There are many projects out there for the woodworker that is looking to expand upon their craft and make some money. There are a lot of people out there that are looking for good handcrafted items. If they are anything like me they are tired of the mass-produced junk that you can just go buy anywhere. So, find the right project for you and make some money in the process. let’s bring back the art of handcrafting items. It’s something everybody seems to love. You never know, maybe you will find something you are passionate about and decide to specialize in it.

Whichever way you choose to go make sure you give it your all and put a quality product out there. This will help build your brand and make consumers want to buy from you. Kind of the ultimate goal in all of this. Unfortunately, you can’t live in this world without making a profit. So, let’s get to work, break out your tools and get started.

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