On this page I include a list of links to General tools that I use around my shop. This is for everything from Carpenter pencils to levels. There are many Basic Essentials you will need to stock in your shop. Not only will they make your life easier but well increase the quality of your end product. Since this page is more of a catch-all, I will include each item in the table below with a brief description on why is important and a link on where to find it.

 Tool LinkDescription
Carpenter PencilThese can quickly be sharpened by hand and give you a thinker lead that won't break when marking rough material.
Level-LargeLevel projects are important. The eye can easily see if something isn't level. And things can roll off. A large level will give you a platform to get a general sense of the levelness of big projects like tables and shelves.
Level-SmallSmall levels are nice when the project is already smooth and straight you just want to know how to tip it. These are nice to slip into your belt and can be a quick guide.